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Regularly cleaning your of your office is a must! We are your go-to company for commercial office cleaning Kalamazoo businesses owners trust. Our team has been in the business for over 15 years. When you hire us, expect that our cleaning routine is structured and customized based on the needs and specifications of your office or business space.



A cleanly office can have a positive impact on the work attitude of employees. If the office is clean, work becomes a place for inspiration for becoming better persons. Happiness in the workplace happens for varied reasons — achieving great things, helping each other out, and for most, it happens when they feel that they are valued and cared for.



The risk of contamination and the spread of dangerous viruses is critical now, more than ever. We can help to reduce, if not eradicate this risk. Workstations, computers, and telephones tend to be touched more, this is why it is a must that we disinfect and clean our office spaces regularly.



There are a lot of reasons, but we can’t underestimate the role that a clean, safe, and hygienic workplace plays in making people feel valued. An employee who feels valued tends to be more productive, takes fewer sick days, and stays in the job longer, reducing recruitment costs in the business.

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Office Cleaning Services

A pristine office space makes the best first impression — not only for business partners and customers but also for your employees.

We have different sets of procedures for every part of the office. Here are some of the procedures that are able to be included in any contract:

Office Space, Conference Rooms and Lobbies

Break Room and Kitchen

Bathroom and Washroom

Kalamazoo Office Cleaning Services

Our team is a group of experts specializing in providing professional office cleaning Kalamazoo commercial businesses rely on. We have solutions for a wide variety of commercial spaces. We know and understand that each has its own different function and design, this is why we ask about the business before laying out the best service that suits your needs. It is a fact that a well-structured scope of cleaning tasks will form a wide basis for commercial cleaning service. We also know that an optimized predictive and agile maintenance will form the new cleaning solution which is perfect for your business purpose. Our service is not one-size-fits-all. We care for your business as much as you do.

We are one of the best commercial cleaning contractors servicing Kalamazoo, Michigan, and surrounding areas. To avoid the hassle of calling us every time your office is in need of a good cleaning, we highly encourage you to try our janitorial cleaning service. It is a must that you maintain your office and business space in pristine condition. Call us to learn more about all of our cleaning solutions.

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Answers To Cleaning Commercial Office Spaces

How often does my office need cleaning?

There are a lot of surfaces in your office that are often touched by your employees. The computer that they use every day, the keyboard, the mouse, and the telephone are the breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. We believe that high touch surfaces are a high risk for bacteria and viruses we can’t see with our naked eye. We recommend that good professional cleaning and disinfection is done every day after office hours.

How much does professional office cleaning cost?

Estimating the pricing of office cleaning services starts with the assessment of the actual office. Cleaning costs vary depending on your office’s type of rooms, features. Small offices tend to have a flat rate, while large offices charge per square foot. Remember that office cleaning is a service, so labor costs will dominate the pricing. Getting a janitorial service is the best option for office cleaning.

How long does it take to clean my office space?

Office cleaning takes about 2 – 8 hours of cleaning every day. Every surface needs to be disinfected and wiped. Each corner must be swept and mopped. The pantry and the restrooms also take a lot longer to clean. The office cleaning service employs one to five cleaners. One person is tasked to oversee how the others do their job so that the office will be back to its pristine condition before the employees enter the office again.