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Hundreds of people are expected to walk on commercial floors every day. This is the reason why maintaining a clean floor is not an easy job. Our team is a group of trained experts on floor cleaning, floor care, and floor maintenance. We proudly provide commercial floor care Kalamazoo business owners have come to rely on. Maintaining the cleanliness and sanitation of the lobbies, hallways and working areas is one of the most important things business owners should consider.


Are you looking for a commercial cleaning service company in Kalamazoo that specializes in floor care and maintenance? Look no further! Our company has experts in floor buffing, floor burnishing, floor stripping, floor waxing, floor refinishing, and floor restoration. With a specialty in carpet texture rehabilitation and carpet restoration. We know that your commercial buildings and spaces need to be clean at all times. The condition of a building floor says a lot about the overall appearance of your building space. How your floors look can have a big impact on how prospective clients, employees, and staff view the company.


Our team of hightly trained experts provide our clients with the best floor care and floor maintenance service possible. Cleaning and maintaining any floor type is our specialty.

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Floor Care Services

Carpet Cleaning

Choose us for the best carpet cleaning service Kalamazoo residents trust and recommend. When you choose us, you are guaranteed to get deeper clean, and faster-drying carpets. Whether it’s carpet restoration, carpet texture rehabilitation or carpet cleaning we make sure that any dirt or odor trapped on your carpets is completely removed. We provide the best commercial carpet cleaning service in Kalamazoo!

Floor Buffing

Our team is skilled and professionally trained to use the best buffing tools. They can handle any type of floor that needs to be cleaned. Floor buffing deeply cleanses your floors to bring back its original shine and beauty. Our floor buffing services restore your floors leaving them looking brand new.

Floor Stripping and Floor Waxing

We are the go to company for commercial floor stripping and floor waxing. Using our professional grade tools, we strip the floor wax and all the dirt. Then, we apply numerous coatings of new floor wax to bring back the luster and shine to your floors. For the absolute best floor stripping and floor waxing Kalamazoo has to offer, give us a call now!

Floor Polishing

When it comes to keeping your floors looking their best, floor polishing is the go to method. Our crew of professionals are the best at making those old worn out floors look brand new again. We follow a floor polishing process honed over many years that leaves your floors looking beautiful for the foreseeable future.

Floor Restoration

Got damaged floors caused by flood, fire damage, or pest damage? We repair the damaged floor and restore it back to its original look. Our team is knowledgeable about different floor types. The extensive experience and training of our team allows us to provide the best floor care service in Kalamazoo.

Floor Burnishing

As we said, our business is making yours shine. We are the best in floor burnishing. We will make your floor shine with the use of our latest floor burnisher that can run from 1500 to 2000 revolutions per minute. Using our service, your floors will be polished to produce their maximum shine!

Floor Care Tips

floor polishing machine cleaning a tile floor

Answers About Our Kalamazoo Floor Cleaning Services

Why is it important for businesses to always maintain their floors clean?

Many people believe that how the floors look like reflects the personality of the business owners. Clean floors signify that the owner of the commercial space takes the business seriously. Every little detail of the business should be taken care of. Floor maintenance is one little detail that needs to be given attention.

How much do floor care and maintenance cost?

Floor care and maintenance are charged per square foot. So the larger the floor area, the higher the cost. Next up, floor restoration service is charged depending on the complexity and extremity of the floor damage. The type of floor is also a consideration in the costing for floor care and maintenance. High maintenance floor types may cost you more than the low maintenance types.

What is the best low maintenance flooring?

The top three low maintenance flooring is engineered hardwood, ceramic tile flooring, and luxury vinyl tile. These types require little maintenance as they are easy to clean and does not easily get damaged. Most businesses choose these types so that they will be easily cleaned and maintained by the company maintenance staff.

We have been providing the best floor cleaning, floor care, and floor maintenance services in Kalamazoo for 15 straight years. Our experience and expertise is proof that the service we provide is nothing but the best. Meeting and exceeding our clients’ needs and expectations is our mission. Call us now and get a free quote.