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Commercial Cleaning Kalamazoo MI

Your search for the best professional commercial cleaning company in Kalamazoo, Michigan is over!We love what we do. Your business spaces are seen as a setting of a success story that is yet to unfold. This is our own unique way of contributing to your success story


We know that there is always a lot to manage everyday in running your business. In the #NewNormal, new health guidelines have been set which may be another hurdle to overcome. Allow us to help you ease your burden. Call us today and leave the cleaning to us.


We are here to provide you with a professional cleaning service especially catered to your business and office spaces. Cleaning, polishing and sanitizing your space from corner to corner, that is our cup of tea. We are a professional cleaning company offering flexible scheduling for our clients in order to provide them a dependable and accommodating service to meet their business needs.

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Our Commercial Cleaning Services

We offer commercial cleaning services plus daily disinfection not only for your workers’ safety, but also for everyone around them.

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Office Cleaning

A clean workspace makes workers happier, healthier, and more productive. We will clean your office spaces so that your workers won’t have to. They will have more time to do what needs to be done.

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Janitorial Services

A building’s appearance and cleanliness give an excellent first impression, but our work does not end there. We make sure that our process of cleaning will provide you and your workers the healthiest workplace possible.

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Floor Care

Commercial floors tend to be stepped on by a lot of people on a daily basis. This is why commercial floors require consistent cleaning and maintenance. Our professional floor service provides the right care at the right time.

Who We Service

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Our 15 years of experience is proof that the way we clean the businesses of our clients is the best in Kalamazoo, Michigan. We serve different kinds of commercial industries in the entire Kalamazoo area. These industries include: 

Corporate Offices

Workplaces should be kept clean and free from viruses and bacteria. People work so hard to make a living, so being sick is a no no. A clean office where they feel safe is a must.


Churches are a place for worship, but more people coming and entering can pose a serious health risk. We clean churches so you can sing your praises without anxiety.


We love children and we care for them as much as you do. The place where they spend most of their days should always be sparkling clean. Our team will make sure of that.


 The food that we put into our mouths must be safe from any contamination. We clean every corner to ensure that what you eat is safe and free from any contamination. We are the best restaurant cleaning company in Kalamazoo.


Nightly disinfection is a must these days. People are coming to malls where there are a lot of places that might be contaminated. We provide daily cleaning and disinfection.

Daily Office COVID Cleaning

It is really important to ensure that your workers and customers can safely enter your office and business spaces. We offer daily/nightly disinfection COVID-19 cleaning. During these times, we need reassurance that the place we live and work in is bacteria and virus-free, including the coronavirus. Having a strong immune system is good, but it isn’t enough. Disinfecting your office environment gives you double protection against the viruses our naked eyes cannot see. Our professional cleaning follows CDC guidelines to thoroughly disinfect your office and business space.

Additional Services

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Our Team

Our team formulated a fail-proof method of cleaning to ensure the best quality of cleaning service to our customers. They are all skilled and trained to look from corner to corner to ensure a clean and spotless space for you. There will always be an available supervisor to oversee the work of the team to guarantee that the service you paid for is done well.


We also work with contractors and flooring companies so that we will have good knowledge and be familiar with the proper care and keeping of your surfaces, be it wood, tile, or stone surfaces. We assure you that your offices and business spaces will be cared for in the most professional way. We take pride in our work and will always ensure that your living and working spaces are kept spotless, inside and out.


We know that you look for a cleaning services company to save you the time searching for the best equipment and cheap but effective cleaning products. Our team provides all the top of the line equipment and best yet affordable cleaning supplies to service your business and office spaces. We will recommend the appropriate supplies to use, but that is all up to your approval. You have the right to request the trusted product you want to use for your commercial cleaning needs. Organic products are also available.


We assure you that our team is your best partner to ensure a clean, safe, and healthy environment for your employees and business customers.

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Client Testimonials

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The team did an awesome job on our floors. We could not be happier with the quality of service they provided.

Debra P.


Friendly, positive and professional are a few words I would use to describe the great team that provides daily cleaning for our office.

Mark M.


Common Questions About Our Cleaning Services

What is included in commercial cleaning services?

When we say commercial cleaning, this includes business and office spaces and also company buildings. Commercial cleaning services include removal of dirt, dust, and debris to your commercial space, complete disinfection, upholstery cleaning, hardfloor cleaning, and even window cleaning! Commercial cleaning companies offer a lot of different services depending on the needs of the business. A restaurant may need deeper, more intensive cleaning because they are doing business with food. An office space just needs routine cleaning service. Building cleaning needs more manpower because it covers a big space to clean.

How do you professionally clean an office?

Professionally cleaning an office needs skill, expertise, and patience. Cleaning should start from dusting of the ceilings, walls, doorknobs, light switches, and fixtures. Next, vacuum the drapes, blinds, and windowsills. Then, remove all the furnitures and thoroughly vacuum the carpets and scrub the floors. Clean all the parts of the office that is not regularly cleaned. Dust and wipe all the surfaces. Disinfect keyboards, monitors and computer peripherals. Clean all pantry cabinets, sink, and refrigerator. Lastly, clean the restroom walls, toilet bowl, and sink. Use a good machine scrub for the floors. Deep cleaning an office space may take a day or two, three if you are not used to the chores. This is why hiring a good cleaning and janitorial service company is a must if you want your office professionally cleaned.

What is the average cost of commercial cleaning services?

The cost of janitorial services depends on various factors, namely:

  • Building type, age, and size – Your building specifications are a determining factor in how you will be charged by the janitorial service cleaning company. If you have a bigger building, there is a bigger space to clean. The age of the building is also an important factor also, because as buildings age, safety and sanitation problems arise.
  • Foot traffic – The number of people entering your building day by day can tell how many times the floor should be cleaned per day.
  • Frequency of service – How often do you want your building to be cleaned? Daily, weekly, or monthly? Naturally, more frequent cleaning is going to cost you more.
  • Flooring type – Whether you need carpet cleaning, tile scrubbing, tile burnishing, the janitorial service company will determine how much it costs. Each service require different level of skill.
  • Consumables – Consumable products such as toilet paper, hand towels, soap, hand sanitizer and other restroom supplies are things that you need to consider in your budget. 

What is included in commercial cleaning services?

Office cleaning companies offer lots of services for cleaning office spaces. The most common are sweeping, mopping and buffing floors, vacuuming carpeted areas, dusting surfaces, scrubbing and disinfecting restrooms, and polishing woodwork. These can be done by anyone working in the office, but there is always stuff to do for office workers. So hiring cleaning service companies is the best option for business owners.